The difference between the mobile terminal and PC ranking how to do the optimization of mobile term

(5) technical difference; JS pop, FLASH animation, robots set; JS pop requires user a lot of traffic, is not realistic; there are most of the intelligent mobile phone is unable to read the FLAHS animation content, "to avoid the use of mobile terminal. < >

is the webmaster in keyword search for your website, often find web site keywords in PC and mobile terminal ranking is not consistent, this phenomenon has two main reasons: A, love Shanghai client, search keywords appear the website will be love Shanghai transcoding, such as the PC side the website can not love Shanghai so transcoding, ranking in the mobile terminal must lag behind the PC end. B, a peer competitor with mobile website quality can let love Shanghai spider crawling and adapt faster, so the opponent’s ranking in the mobile terminal will display their own website on the relative ratio.

now talk about the mobile terminal will be wise after the event, although there are also many, the article on these two points on the Internet but, most are not comprehensive, or only expressed a view of them. To this end, I aimed at two problems to illustrate his point of view.


The difference between ?

(1) equipment difference; the PC and the mobile terminal size is not the same, in the design of mobile terminal site, to consider a variety of brand mobile phone size compatibility problems.

users enter keywords, PC and mobile end search results and the drop-down box are not consistent. Is the mobile search results are based on the mobile phone or IPAD user search habits and recommended, relatively speaking, mobile search results and recommendations will be more accurate. This is for investment businesses in the mobile terminal advertising, play a very important role.

, a mobile terminal and PC terminal

(2) of different user habits; the mobile end user experience a strong sense of the picture, if the design is too complicated, users cannot read, then page out rate is relatively high.

1. mobile terminal and PC rank difference

I believe that both the novice, or has engaged in the Shanghai dragon for a period of time of the webmaster, for the mobile terminal and PC terminal is also listen more; however, what is the difference between the mobile terminal and PC terminal

(3) speed difference; relatively speaking, PC terminal speed will be relatively fast than the mobile terminal, PC terminal can quickly open the page display animation and pictures, the mobile terminal can not open, or is said to take too long time. Therefore, the mobile web animation, it is recommended to use less as far as possible to avoid the use of a large number of pictures.

(4) domain difference; PC terminal domain name is www.xxx贵族宝贝, and the mobile terminal domain is m.xxx贵族宝贝; the mobile terminal is two level domain name.

2. searchWhen

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