Shanghai dragon can which resources and accumulation of us

1. Shanghai dragon experience

of different industries, do a lot of the station, observe the flow change, search terms included in the ratio, included time, ranking, click rate, competitor data. You will summarize a set of website of Shanghai Longfeng understanding. Can solve the following problems in this industry, the total number of Shanghai Longfeng flow, how much can I get, how should I get, how should the ranking row, I need to do what to get such a ranking effect, how to design the page link, how should the deployment, these contents come from, what is the value of the content, need how much time do to climb. This type of data is extracted from the data and experience is the very core of things, after all, the search engine algorithm is not open, and often in change. This experience is particularly important in our optimization process, but this time, a new skills and increase your Shanghai Longfeng attributes, data analyst. Of course, these are some very basic content.

as the saying goes, a person’s strength is limited, the team’s strength is infinite. Simply look at the technology, some people will write in front of JS, some people will design algorithms, some people will PHP, some people are familiar with the database, architect, operation, Natural Language Processing, Web security, hacking, traffic business, IDC room, to sell the domain name, CDN, is working in the search engine, there in the competition. In fact, more or less and the Shanghai dragon has a relationship, if you can think of a way to meet these people, you will find the Shanghai dragon is not actually what technology. After with these friends, will let you benefit a lot. Of course, the premise is that you need to allow yourself to become more powerful.

above is incremental in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, if we can grasp.


observation of many people around is how to use the network, summarizing and thinking, this is a gift. In fact, the opportunity for everyone, but not everyone can seize. Methods clutched around user behavior is a kind of sampling, through the behavior of these users, we can better summed up the needs of users, through the form of Shanghai dragon performance, this is also a form of experience accumulated amount.


Pay attention to the behavior of users

2. all

in some quiz website, Shanghai dragon often take over are discussed, such as the Shanghai dragon is an occupation or an industry, Shanghai dragon really necessary, Shanghai dragon ending where, whether it is positive or negative energy energy, such information is rampant, even if discover, we still find many charms of Shanghai Longfeng place, and we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, will give us the accumulation of various resources and contacts, are of great help to us on entrepreneurship. So, we are in the process of implementation of the Shanghai dragon, which can generate resources.


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