How do custom shop installed occupation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

custom shop to do the occupation of Shanghai dragon optimization equivalent search word law occupation do custom shop Shanghai Longfeng optimization? (1) the first keyword + second keywords = first + keywords + second special characters: compact arrangement of the search keywords, special characters are ignored, the search results without resolution (i.e. search multiple keywords the results in order to closely linked). (2) the first keyword + space + second = second + + keywords keywords space first keyword is sequence independent rules, separated by a space of two keyword search results containing split (i.e., the search results have multiple keywords closely linked and have multiple keywords closely connected case), a keyword appears in order and the search is independent of the order.



considered here is about common keyword ranking. In the choice of keywords, in order to avoid shopping on the part of the sort of popular keywords commercial human impact, we select a set of keywords cold test. The search bar in the shopping home search commodity, by comparing the results, we can draw some rules, these rules are applicable to all the online shopping, and these rules in recent years has been the market that is completely correct.

custom shop to do the occupation of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking search results of key factors affecting the commodity ranking two, respectively is the "rest" and "whether to recommend commodities". The rest of the baby = valid – (current time – release time). There are two kinds of baby valid values are 14 and 7, valid and select the corresponding product release, release time is your baby last time. "Recommended product" this factor corresponding to the US release of goods when the "recommended" window options. The search results according to whether the "recommended" window of goods this factor is divided into two sections, no matter how much time remaining, recommendation section in front of the table is not recommended goods section of the same section, the remaining time is shorter, more high ranking. For example, even if the "Mars Lake ticket" has 5 minutes to the shelf, if it is not checked for window recommendation, his ranking is still more than just released out of the window of the recommended goods "Mars Lake tickets" on. If the same is the window of the recommended goods, then going under the frame of "Mars Lake tickets" in the front row.

Guizhou high network that once installed custom shop to do the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng law has independent factor optimization ranking and the amount sold, views, price, seller rate, Xianhengpeifu, location, layout of product pages and a single keyword in the name of the commodity in order, the number of basic factors such as independent. "Mazzoni, for example, the comparison of Mazur suit" goods and called "Mazzoni suit" goods, in the search "Guizhou Mazur Nigeria" keywords, before a commodity not because of "Mazur Nigeria" keyword appears two times or more factors such as the amount sold in the search results ranking.

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