By the thought of seeking a website you know


three, found the road, find business opportunities, action


if you are confused, I want to see you here to look down, use the >

once mastered these methods to do the corresponding optimization based on these topics, I think is a lot of traffic. But the speed will soon. I have seen a website is designed to do his keyword search engine submission entrance website results, only a few months weight reached 3 at the beginning of very strange, then slowly discovered that the original reason is that he is a good choice of keywords. It is a shortcut to the road.

, a qualitative changeIf the

(love Shanghai index: according to the relevant laws and policies of the site is not available on demand)

two is the starting point and reverse thinking that


In fact, this finding is

in the search box to search the words of love, Shanghai nature will show the relevant search words, for the words of a website you know is not words, but words, a little short, but why will form a keyword? But there is such a big search so, this is not hard to understand the philosophy of a sentence is quantitative cause a qualitative change, that is to say every day have a common search intentions of the people very much and is fixed. I love Shanghai search algorithm is also follow the principle of Marx’s philosophy.

when I get the reverse thinking, then I also found a lot of long tail words, such as: the search engine submission entrance, according to the relevant laws and policies of the site is not available on demand.

nothing else these days, go to a problem that some people are looking for some sites will search what? I also go to the corresponding search, found a particularly strange phenomenon, nor is there a keyword is very compelling, that is: for a you know the website. The word search volume was about 1500-2000. It is stable and maintained, here is the analysis of love Shanghai index, we can clearly see:

(love Shanghai index: the search engine submission entrance)

then the word is actually exists in our life, many people do not find themselves sometimes, always holding the question to wait for the master to answer, and the result is always not to find accurate answers, learning is to discover and understand why the 28 push so quickly fire up, this is because of too much people, sometimes I also on these sites, but few questions, sometimes there is no way to ask questions, most of them are to discover their own thinking, and come to realize.

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