Analysis of Shanghai dragon chain construction plan of Aberdeen two

register portal high weight favorites, such as the collection of love Shanghai YAHOO Google bookmarks, add collection time, home collection after the channel column is the beginning of the content page, is very good for some favorites included, can play a very good outside chain effect. Keywords: collection is the URL +. According to the site keywords ranking is effective.


fifth: the construction of the chain

a good article, the flow may be very large, we can find some appropriate forum to promote the launch of the soft, soft enough to write soft, the title to attract people’s attention and click desire, advertorial content but also interesting have real feelings, such talent can achieve soft soft Wen promotion effect. A popular forum, a soft, a lot of traffic, according to join the type of website, we also have a soft start and soft Wen promotion for the relatively high correlation for the forum.

love Shanghai related products

sixth: the construction of soft Wen promotion chain

eighth: the construction of the chain

registered some UCHOME DZ forum and other resources, to share the chain. The chain can share a lot of channel page or column page, control the number of share, the fixed frequency update to share, share the chain construction. The I love Amoy (贵族宝贝59itao贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep, respect the original respect yourself.

seventh: the construction of the chain of

use the message board function of some of the site, the construction of the chain for your website, some types of government websites and some type of education can independently submit a message, we can put keywords to do or link to the message board, the effect is also good, the message board is to search for resources, and some of the message board is the need to review, we have to find those who can directly publish the message board of the construction of the chain.

message board

ninth: share the construction of the chain

know, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar Shanghai Encyclopedia of love Shanghai and so on a series of related products, is also a good place of the chain, blocked their products, the weight is very high, so love Shanghai series is very good chain. The chain but a little love Shanghai related products to pay attention to a degree, do not love Shanghai related products excessive use and should be appropriate to do some outside chain related products to love Shanghai, slowly increasing, play a very good effect.

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