Actual dedecms dedecms Shanghai Longfeng optimization share

2. automatically to dedecms images with

@SetSysEnv ($this-> Fields[‘typeid’], $this-> Fields[‘typename’], $this-> Fields[‘id’], $this-> Fields[‘title’],’archives’;

$this-> Fields[‘body’] = str_ireplace (array (‘alt=" " ”alt=”’ ‘), $this-> Fields[‘body’],


$this-> Fields[‘typename’] = $this-> TypeLink-> TypeInfos[‘typename’];

found in the arc.archives.class.php directory of the include file with Dreamweaver open search:

/ / set the global environment variable


Fields[‘title’]." >

1. enabled content absolute URL start address, to prevent the site is mirror, also prevent the website weight dispersion.

dedecms is recognized in Shanghai Longfeng optimization done one of the CMS management system is very good, here to talk about yourself in the use of several optimization methods in dedecms.

Alt and the Title property method

system basic parameters – core settings – (yes / no) support site, open after the accessories, column connection, Arclist content enabled absolute URL:

under the code added:

$this-> Fields[‘body’] = preg_replace ("=[" @ [s]{0,}alt[s]{0,’s]{0,}[sS]{0,}["’s], @isU" " " $this->

is OK, after the opening of the form 贵族宝贝XXX.cc/1.html.

Methods: the , Fields[‘body’]);

$this-> Fields[‘body’] = str_ireplace ("

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