User experience the core competitiveness of website optimization

website stationmaster when we pay more attention to the site included, site keywords ranking, but other sites in the middle, the keywords ranking has been good, long tail words can help us bring more traffic, good user experience to bring the real high conversion rate for us. Time to bring in Shanghai Longfeng flow reaches a certain point, the user experience is the core competitiveness of the website. There are many methods to improve the user experience.

two, to help users solve the problem of

so, one thing must often do is Shanghai Dragon Mining Long Tail words, why mining the long tail word, long tail word mining is to bring more traffic, because these are the long tail word search is the user wants to know the problem, he searched for you, bring you flow, you help him solve your brand, and trust hit out. Users want to solve more problems from you, your user experience will go up.

website has just been opened, the user first saw is the website design and color, design simple and elegant color and conform to the features of the site, the first impression of the user, the user then skim through it, looking for keywords to find, reasonable layout and key layout is to make it easier for users to find what you are looking for, and then through some details of the user experience, such as the color and font comfortable, insert a suitable picture in the article, paragraph and not crowded, in need to add a link to other pages do a message extension method. Keep the user’s interest, and let users click on the more understanding, do these two points, the conversion rate is not far away from.

, a web page layout and function


currently love Shanghai for the user experience to see more and more heavy, for the webmaster, should not only enhance the user experience is to do a better job of ranking, in order to bring more valuable traffic to the site, the value of the conversion rate. When the flow rate to a certain extent, we will naturally pay more attention to the conversion rate.

The Maybe in the early days of the

user experience and site optimization should be complementary to each other, they have a common purpose, hope that the webmaster friends are able to grasp the reasonable site optimization and user experience, the site can be better and better. In this paper, 贵族宝贝tuuyoo.cn webmaster to join the platform provided by the original ticket agent, the original is not easy to be reproduced, please indicate the source.

helps the user to solve the problem is to enhance the user experience, why? Many people now are more and more dependent on search engines, often do not understand what ask Baidu, often things, even a lot of time, we have to let the search engine to help us to decide, when you see a product on the Internet and you will generally search for this product, how the brand you like, if you see the positive information, then the heart will soon rise to a sense of trust.

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