The Keywords tag of Shanghai dragon in the end there is no use

first, Meta Keywords’s role is to tell the search engines, what are the keywords of the page, the purpose is to help the search engine to determine the page keywords, but when it was found that after Meta Keywords inside the accumulation of a large number of keywords can get good rankings, this tag significance is bad, so to change the search engine algorithm excluding this factor, the algorithm of search results.

from the above two points of view, can not find a reason to prove what Keywords will affect the search results, some websites are still using Meta Keywords, website ranking is also very good, but this does not mean that because you are using Ke>


there is still a lot of website of the accumulation of a large number of keywords in Keywords tags inside, this situation in foreign countries has almost disappeared, but in China, because Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is not popular, so many new Adsense or some of the early established website, still think that Keywords will affect search rankings. Here, woman also want to publish your own point of view: at present, Meta Keywords does have an effect on the rankings, but is likely to be negative effects, it is recommended that you do not even have to caution.

said the evidence, the author also did not take out the evidence, only recently from some authoritative website articles to capture this information, plus the author according to the experience summed up the look, feel this negative effect is likely to exist.

since it is because some people abuse and had to abandon the algorithm factor, so we have reason to believe that is completely excluded, rather than reduce the influence of the factor in the algorithm to do it thoroughly, why give such factors can be used to cheat liuhoulu

then, one might ask, may really need the help of spider Meta Keywords to determine the page keywords? This question is, if a few years ago, can stand up, but not now. We all know that the search engine algorithm now is very advanced, such as the noble baby Bot can rely on their own judgment procedures have, modify web search results in the Title, rather than what you write is Title, the search results will show what Title, as long as the index procedure that you write your own Title page does not suit the actual it will decide the content. So, to determine whether a Keywords page is also very easy to read, do not read the contents of the Keywords Meta it doesn’t matter.

Keywords label of Shanghai dragon in the end there is no use, has been controversial, many opinions are Google and love Shanghai has not pay attention to it, but YAHOO is still being used, actually this observation, Keywords tag should be used with caution or not.

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