The webmaster how to optimize the enterprise website user experience


optimization between conversion rate of customer needs the target website website targeted content website and user stickiness and relationship, from the visual and text viewer stands at the point of view for analysis and layout, I see a lot of Shanghai Long Fengtong’s website, the whole lot is the home page and the content page keywords multi points raised, like the target page keywords "Shanghai dragon" optimization "site optimization" and many overlay appearing in the title of the text and the front page classification, keyword density too, may be helpful for optimization but have a negative impact on the user experience will be at the same time, the content is the same. The appropriate content of embedded keywords can be, here I recommend keywords can be set to set the long tail. Shanghai Longfeng optimization company website article content should not be optimized for the purpose of more experience and need to browse the content and viscosity of demand analysis, in order to solve the actual needs and questions for visitors to the main scale, increase your attention.


Set the

enterprise through the site conversion rate, must first stand in the perspective of the viewer of the overall site, simple is the viewer to see what your website visitors can realize the idea and problem solving, like the target customers in the search industry "love Shanghai optimization", it is to get the local better cost optimization services Shanghai Longfeng visitors mind, two aspects of visitors may choose, 1 is to optimize the company name Shanghai dragon third party Quiz 2 is thrown, "

The main content of

enterprise website to the author roughly divided into several departments, sales type, brand type, mixed type, do not lose out is similar to make do with the small and medium enterprises engaged in the work of network marketing, website construction and optimization of small and medium enterprises mainly to the formation of conversion rate, bring the actual sales benefits, expand the sales channels, today I will combine their own website optimization Shanghai dragon talk experience influence degree and conversion rate optimization method.

3. pay attention to the details.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization company main navigation pages including "Shanghai dragon" optimization "Shanghai dragon" and "love Shanghai" ranking "keyword ranking" and so on, Shanghai dragon optimization visitors most of the goal of enterprise customer service, users may need to access their content from the website or the renovation process in the future will be necessary the accumulation of knowledge and answers questions.

here say is Shanghai dragon optimization company website whole art, like columns, color, content pages, bottom bar artists, more is to select the content of illustration, Shanghai dragon optimization is the love Shanghai ranking service industry, home tone as far as possible the use of warm colors, and the column content can be used to cool or light different collocation, concise design, create a serene and personalized feeling both.

From the perspective of the viewer

page content and channel 1.

Shanghai dragon

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