The impact of the 2013 website summed up in the key factors of love Shanghai ranking

share is love love Shanghai, Shanghai launched a sharing tools, while love Shanghai’s ranking, but also occupy a certain proportion, such as the back of a website appeared to share the thumb, its credibility and its content quality, will be relatively better recognized. Now too many human factors in this way, love Shanghai has used this method in the rankings, but overall, the use rate is not high. For, if your site included, there is love in Shanghai share button, which included the speed will be faster, but for some of the article page, if you share enough, the ranking will be compared with the other page in front.


1, Shanghai’s share of love

love love Shanghai auction with the natural ranking is two completely different departments (love Shanghai, but the official statement) from Shanghai recently love website ranking of the causal relationship, do the bidding website ranking is generally stable, but if it is to stop the auction, so the site’s weight will be nothing, even if to do many remedies, in a short period of time may not be able to recover quickly, but once the new open bidding, so, in about a week time, the website ranking will be resumed. We have to consider whether Shanghai has love in its algorithm, with consideration of the bidding.

Although Shanghai

Some of the

3, a combination of content is more conducive to love Shanghai crawling and ranking


also has such an official explanation, that is when you have sex in Shanghai auction, your web site traffic is fixed, every day basically has a fixed IP inflow, bidding plus keyword natural ranking results, and when you will stop your bid so, the flow will produce great changes, which leads to the web traffic anomaly, and the right to be reduced. (according to this characteristic we make an observation, for a website, will not some people search words basically as a keyword, hanging in the love Shanghai, hanging ten hours a day during this period through the love of Shanghai traffic statistics basically through the auction to very few words, and the number is the natural ranking in the website, corresponding website ranking is still very stable, so it will have to consider the impact of love in the ranking of the Shanghai auction. Or start doing the bidding, to do, you need to always do so, when the weight of the website is very high, and then slowly removed the bidding.

summary of the key factors in the impact site ranking love ShanghaiEffect of

love Shanghai latest update is for the text. Love Shanghai believes that the text is the original content, with pictures and interpretation of the article, should be better able to help the user to. Combined with the way, is the most directly reflect the core content, but also allow the user to understand the content. So, if we write in, if you can add pictures to explain, it is best to take pictures, and pictures.

2, love Shanghai bidding in the ranking of

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