How to buy what kind of links Links better

buy links to buy high weight website, what the website weight high


second, most of the webmaster is optimized by the optimization of PR love Shanghai. So PR just buy link reference, PR high is the website weight is not low, but many websites especially stations selling chain owners are registered by the high PR website. This is clearly the link in the eyes of love Shanghai high quality is not where to go.

today hematemesis share, how to buy a link, what kind of Links is high-quality links.

first first snapshot to be normal, must be the snapshot. This website is often difficult to judge, you from the two days of the day it is difficult to see whether it is normal to snapshot. This is what I call the chain operation. (unless you buy that expensive links, but most grassroots webmaster are civilians, if it is not worthwhile to make ends meet.

third, the object included general website is to buy chain main consideration, decided the weight of the site included.

bought a link to others to vote for you, bought a N link is equal to someone you N ticket. But don’t let search engine if improperly belittle oneself, others cast your vote but also can let others subtract this vote. The other station when the vote count, once the other station snapshot is not normal, or by K. The vote is invalid, you think if you buy 100 links, the first day of the 100 tickets are normal, that your ranking is very good, if the second day 50 is not normal, you can get the remaining 50 votes, then your ranking dropped obviously. This truth is not very easy to do.. This is also a lot of people are buying links reflect the unstable situation.


maybe some people will say, that people buy I buy up not simply do.. Buy link also has the skill, it is difficult to operate properly, but also a lot of people reflect no effect or buy buy links links easily by search engine punishment.

fourth, basically you search from the Internet, "how to buy links" article, all is that the export link more.

is really so? Is that unless you have money, can buy a very high weight website.

links to the sale of It is quite common for example about many novels, movie station, station cattle stations are relying on strong support to buy links ranking and traffic. We often see what gold chain, what chain. It is also easy to see a lot of news, the media stations are covered with Links.

there are a lot of people asked to buy link useful? Can tell you, this is of course useful, but some people do not operate outside the chain, the chain will not buy, do not know what kind of chain can buy, what can not be bought.

is for a long time did not share. Recently, in agony, what time to come out of the darkness, is the Shanghai dragon Er turn.

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