n love and ask Shanghai Post Bar’s chain of experience


agree, to send the chain, to answer the question, and then through the chain of. If the additional success with this form: wenwen.soso贵族宝贝/贵族宝贝XXXXX贵族宝贝. Generally do the two step, you can successfully release the chain.

the same time released the same chain at the same site. To plug the release time, answering questions at the same time you can. Such as: first in the Post Bar hair without chain and then send a post, with the chain, then ask a reply, and then to know a reply to ask a question, then, finally to know a question. (questions can also send the chain oh.


1. in the ask the hair of the chain, the first to do is log levels higher than 5 of the account, so through the chance of up to 88%. A new number to send the chain, but direct audit.

3. if you don’t succeed, your domain name is love at the sea. Well, this link format: tieba.baidu贵族宝贝/贵族宝贝XXXXX贵族宝贝, try the might do. : success, turn off your ID.

1. we all know that love is not a vegetarian in Shanghai, for many, it will fire. Post Bar popularity is quite high, for you want to promote your site corresponding to the Post Bar, do not see is the hair of the chain, do not down.

2. it is important to note that your answer is to answer the question, do not give an irrelevant answer is not successful, or send people to the point.

1. search problems, according to written questions, which links you. For example: "you this problem here people asked, go directly to the (your chain) to see."

3. In

know the chain, I suggest the first release issued after the successful answer, answer. Then add the chain to fill the answer. If no supplementary success, with the proposed link format.


three, ask the hair of the chain

two, in Shanghai know the hair of the chain


, in Shanghai Post Bar’s chain

2. in your target Post Bar, to become a member, and send some Post Bar related information, 2-5 is enough, mix a familiar face. When the sixth posts, you can send a soft, the chain chain on your website.

asked only for grassroots webmaster (except the prawns, do not want to send the chain Bozhuan) of, want to search in Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love, know to ask the hair of the chain. But we also must have encountered when the examination is not passed, or a hair out. I also like the hair of the chain, the chain finally after these days of release, I feel a little bit of harvest, in here, I hope useful to think outside the chain of friends on them.

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