Lu Guofu the new Shanghai dragon should be how to carry out the work


is a good site, to the content of the website in order, website content must be of high quality, the content is to keep our customers the best weapons, and the long tail word we say can be content to do rankings, this application can reasonable around a word. This should be a reasonable increase of internal links, everyone has heard that content is king, so we want to optimize this good place.

two select the keyword of the website

site structure to select the search engine architecture, site code, do not use too much FLASH framework code, these are not friendly to the search engine, use concise code. The best path is the path URL static, the use of H1 tag should be reasonable, increase the ALT property, to develop a good website structure and website navigation map. These are very beneficial to the search engine, the ranking points.

site is not in front of the line completely ready, results in the line on the website may modify some of the content, this often leads to search engine friendly on site, serious point will cause the website right down, I had the Wuhan station before the Shanghai dragon blog is not completely ready, in the rectification results after the line, cause my blog has not been love Shanghai included, we can refer to this article: to analyze the causes of Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog not included. In fact, we should use robots in the launch site, it can shield the search engine to grab our web content, with which we are just rectification has no effect on our site, so our site test qualified and then cancel it, so you can avoid a lot of trouble.

three to determine a good website architecture design

ER in the US as Shanghai Longfeng, optimize the site to a new site before, we should first give the site a complete set of optimization plan, then the plan step by step to perform, so we should do our optimization work from what? The Shanghai dragon to Wuhan discuss:

a good site ranking, the chain is also an indispensable factor in the chain for the emperor, the chain so we must build a good web site, the construction of the chain method I can refer to this article: Ten let you get sleep without any anxiety of the chain resources. But for a new station.

five chain


selected the site keywords, this to our next optimization work is very important, because the Shanghai dragon’s goal is to maximize the benefits, so we select the site keywords in the analysis must be professional, this can refer to my article: how to screening keywords? So we can select some target keywords and long tail the word came out, and then put these words into the web page layout.

A lot of

a line early rational use of robots

four website

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