On site optimization excessive performance and solving method

general solution: if you feel the site should be K, immediately to adjust the strategy, the title of the article is not too long, to reduce the number of keywords contained in the title, the content page keywords to cancel bold, and reduce the occurrences of keywords, especially when you write text, keywords not more than 3 words. The best is 1 to 2 times so that you can quickly dilute the density of keywords. Now there are many webmaster can do as long as the keywords, in many places can be added with, to do so is an optimization over performance, nature is a way of love of Shanghai’s love, so you in this regard to attention.

method and the solutionsKeywords:

solution: the growth of the chain must have certain rules, can not change radically, because a website may not have so much attention to the website in the short term, this is a manifestation of excessive optimization in Shanghai eyes of love. And in to the site to do the chain, not anchor the same height, that is not the same keywords do all the links in the chain can not put all the links to the home page, also point to the appropriate page content, this is conducive to weight transfer. There is a chain.


2: the chain appeared relatively large fluctuations as many people know the chain for the emperor, so one day with plenty of time to do outside the chain, a short time may for the website ranking will have some help, but when love Shanghai a lot of invalid update, the chain and the chain of garbage will be deleted. And this has caused the emergence of your site in a short time it seems in Shanghai change radically, love, your site is not stable at least. This is also a form of excessive optimization.

Shanghai Longfeng workers are trying their own website can in the shortest possible time, to make up words, to get more traffic, so a lot of hard to seize every webmaster can optimize the place to do optimization. The consequences of doing so could cause the search engine antipathy, can even drop right or be K, in fact these are excessive performance optimization. Shanghai dragon is the most important step by step, do not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm may we all know, this truth, but in the actual work often occur. Once your site excessive optimization, there will be those performance? Here is a brief introduction about

1 Fletcher site keywords layout is very important for the optimization, but if a large number of keywords Fletcher, love Shanghai would be considered to be a cheat, be K sooner or later. Most of these words will have key words in the description, the title of the article, and the content of the page title, these are the spider into the site entrance, is the search engine to identify the content on your site the most important place, it is because you know this truth, so in these places there will be a large number of keywords, if not grasp keywords scale, high density, easy to let the search engine that is a kind of cheating people, now love Shanghai has very smart, will easily recognize the cheating.

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