Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP club service upgrade

VIP club, is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform designed for high quality site launched, the club hierarchy provides love Shanghai quality resources and privileges services. Join the VIP club site will have the tools, services, resources, activities, communication and other privileged

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP club will open the site for timeliness of information of categories in the near future, please pay attention to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform home related content update: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/

"new product"

‘extensive training, salon activities under the line "


site is known to all, love Shanghai search every year to launch a new product or new tools, while VIP will enjoy priority this year, there will be a variety of products to help website operation and cooperation online, will give priority to VIP members. The only spoilers here.

"quality original timeliness contents of priority in the timeliness resources show"

recently, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP club service upgrades, feedback priority, abnormal timely notify the site, before the decision to limit the rectification, more activities in the form of rich line to increase opportunities for Shanghai in search of love. More heavy, VIP club will no longer be the vertical station privileges, such small and medium-sized high quality site will gradually apply for release, the first open will have timeliness and quality of the original information site.

"feedback priority"

now we introduce a few privileges:

VIP auditorium, since the high-end salon, the depth of communication for 3 years by the recognition and attention of many webmaster, 2017 activity frequency will be higher, the content will be more abundant, will invite more search experts in the field of big coffee and stationmaster interactive.

problem solving effect feedback is sometimes criticized webmaster, after the service upgrade, VIP site feedback of the priority will be communicated to the relevant departments of Shanghai love inside, quickly solve as soon as possible.

online tools preferredThe The

algorithm for some violation behavior, VIP will get a rectification notice, to complete the rectification within a certain period of time, it may avoid a penalty to bring traffic loss.

‘abnormal flow rate, avoid loss of flow site rectification notice "

for quality timeliness site first release VIP qualification application, proof of love Shanghai search for high quality resources seriously, but also hope that the majority have high quality and original content owners to actively apply for.

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