Search for some inspiration from the 51 holiday love Shanghai

love Shanghai search "51 holiday related search area:


in love Shanghai right down to the fourth quarter, many marketing people are beginning to go elsewhere to achieve the marketing goal, such as the Shanghai love search down this fat was a lot of people staring, its value is self-evident. The principle of search, search drop-down explained below:

when you enter the Shanghai love home search "Zhumadian talent network", you get the address is 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%D7%A4%C2%ED%B5%EA%C8%CB%B2%C5%CD%F8 (. 1), this time you will search "Zhumadian the Yellow River talent network", you get the address is 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Bs=%D7%A4%C2%ED%B5%EA%C8%CB%B2%C5%CD%F8& f=8& wd=%D7%A4%C2%ED%B5%EA%BB%C6%BA%D3%C8%CB%B2%C5%CD%F8& n=2 (2.). Then, you turn off the browser, and then re open the browser, direct search "Zhumadian the Yellow River talent network", you get the address is 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%D7%A4%C2%ED%B5%EA%BB%C6%BA%D3%C8%CB%B2%C5%CD%F8& (n=2. 3). This time, you can compare 2 websites and 3 websites are search "Zhumadian the Yellow River talent network", the content of the page are exactly the same, but the site is not the same. The more than 2 parameters of a BS, the value of this parameter is%D7%A4%C2%ED%B5%EA%C8%CB%B2%C5%CD%F8, the control is easy to reach this value is "Zhumadian talent network" meaning (also by encoding conversion). This "Zhumadian talent network" because you began to search for a "Zhumadian talent network", love Shanghai to help you record the search process.

when it comes to love Shanghai drop search, maybe you will smile. Maybe you know the principle, but have you ever thought about how to write a drop-down search software? Drop search production is the search engine in order to obtain a better user experience, when the input part of a word in you, automatically prompts a part of popular words.

to 5.1 golden week, we are thinking about how to spend the holiday in 5.1, through love Shanghai search 51 holiday content began to rise, and as the network marketing practitioners will not miss such a good chance, is the so-called marketing everywhere, the author analysis the latest case as follows. Love Shanghai search "51 holiday" drop-down search area:

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