Study on the relationship and love of Shanghai included exposure rate of URL

said the two words, probably can think of is on the incident seriously and rigorous thinking, I do not want to engage in this article so serious, so I try to use the words and not too serious to discuss this topic.

2], and the quality is very high for the original good article, released after a period of time that is not love Shanghai included, then what should we do? We finally back to today’s topic, here it is necessary to mention a case before I read, a very high weight website there are several links, love Shanghai has not been included, site management and through concerted efforts, these last few URL are all included, how do they do that? First of all, the few links displayed on the home page of the site, the weight of a web page, a snapshot update quickly, so you can get a higher exposure rate over a period of time that is not included, the next station and put a few links in this section provide submission page submitted to love Shanghai, in order to experiment, After a period of time to submit a URL page that all are included, but did not submit has still not been included, decisively submitted this last few URL, a month later, Shanghai included all of love. The experiment ends, summed up, through the station outside the station and, for some URL spiders, can make some of the original URL have been included. In fact, this experiment is not complete, because of the lack of a comparative experiment is submitted only RUL but not too much exposure to the RUL, so the conclusion was convincing. I continue to experiment. The author of the two URL, the two URL have not been included in a love of Shanghai, is the author of the original article written before, an article is a reprint of others, also do not give him.

1], for the new URL is a new article, how to make love for the first time in Shanghai visiting spider will be included, is always the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er discuss the problem, of course, the problem now is the original fixed answer, as we all know, Shanghai love spiders love new things, it seems it is really ah. It is not as long as the original will will be included? Of course not, but not the original meaning of things, even the chicken ribs are not love, Shanghai certainly will not crawl, like a boy and girl first met the love on the other, it is because he is too long "original", that girl wasn’t interested in him, then we would anticipate a tragic ending, sorry. Original and meaningful, is a high quality of the standard. Of course, we all know that, even if the quality of an article high also cannot guarantee the love of Shanghai 100%, then how should we do? The second question is what we are going to discuss next.

URL exposure, this is mainly for the Shanghai spiders love, which is a specific link in Shanghai before the eyes of the spider love chance, I will separate the new and old URL ERL.

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