Taobao Shanghai Longfeng flow process familiar with the environment to understand rules


2) to understand their own shop roughly attributes.

contact the learning website of Shanghai dragon has been for some time, also heard of Taobao Shanghai Longfeng, know that Taobao store traffic can be increased through Taobao Shanghai Longfeng way. So Taobao Shanghai Longfeng the author make the first move flow. As with the usual site of Shanghai Longfeng learning ideas, even should optimize the Taobao Shanghai dragon should be more simply.

3) learning commodity Title Optimization Techniques (look at the others to share the experience, while observing the Taobao search ranking rules, of course, is not what the general rules about the grasp the direction, only the bottom of my heart)

6) understand the correlation of goods, to optimize the goods according to the relevance of keywords.

by learning, the operation of the promotion of the shop belongs to expand edition version of Wang pu. It is the search box to other parts of each part can be determined by their DIY, in a thorough understanding, Taobao’s source code editor are automatically filter the div TD, for this is accidental, but never mind, because this can be handed over to the front of the fix. I just know that, these things can be done. Because to understand the structure and function of the shop is to make better use of these functions to achieve maximum efficiency.

in the learning process and the website of Taobao Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng process is the same, how to learn more practice. In the Taobao ranking optimization process to find some third party tools to promote the optimization. After two weeks the title of excellent.

4) to observe their store search keywords, targeted optimization, weaknesses.

know that Taobao to buy things, but do not know how to sell things, it was difficult to say, some people say is very simple, what is this? I don’t know, at least in the past is not understand. Later, the boss decided to take inventory before selling Taobao store, so Taobao flow fell to Shanghai dragon and promotion of the mall is responsible for the author body. Before has not contacted the Taobao business promotion indeed no small pressure. But personal love is a challenging job, there is pressure with passion. I always believe that no matter what the situation, ideas are the same that the idea, Lawspirit, regardless of the site operation promotion or Taobao shop promotion, to work well to promote Taobao shop, we must understand it and the environment, it has to face the crowd and the environment he rules.

5) observation of store traffic during peak hours, to prepare for the goods on the shelf time setting.

learning Taobao Shanghai dragon

1) familiar with Taobao ranking rules (this is a must), ranking factors, Taobao ranking categories (such as Taobao search can be customized according to popularity, price and so on)

To understand the structure and function of Taobao

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