Several key points of landing page optimization

2, web page content to readability is rich in content and has good structure, high, and with

1, the title, description must be highly correlated, and the page content reflect the theme of the content page

, 4 pages have links, relevant recommendations of the forum

when the user in the search engine results page to see the title and description of your page, you will pass the title and description of it and to determine whether the search intention is highly related, and then decide whether to click on you, when he entered the page, will generally determine your content whether it’s search intention, if not related, that is your title, description and basic web content without collocation, users may soon be out of your page, click on the down will not be generated for your behavior, the bounce rate contribution. At this time, your landing page is not to guide users to produce orders and follow the links to click behavior, so Web content and the title if our highly relevant, not wide of the mark behavior, do not use the enticing title to attract users to click on

landing page, the first page in your website, it is very important, relates to whether users would navigate down, whether to have the order, and the overall evaluation of the users of the site also search and landing are closely related, such as some product pages, some pages so, we should focus on the optimization of the landing page is the page, some important keywords layout are also carried out in the landing page. So we should how to optimize the landing page

first layout in web content, should be clear and orderly, can be secondary structured content on the page using the H tag, the layout of the content more from the user into the important, users are most concerned about the content on the front page, but also to do with illustrations, illustrations, rich web content. For some products need to coexist station, there are pictures, if only a single text, it is somewhat monotonous, the user will produce visual fatigue.

will appear on the page, breadcrumbs, convenient user returns to the parent directory and the corresponding page list page, breadcrumbs, relative importance can not only help to understand the structure and search engine page of your page, but also for improving the user experience, it is of great help, if your page does not provide bread chip navigation, when users come in, it is difficult to find relevant content you need, so you must do a breadcrumb.

, the 3 page navigation to use breadcrumb navigation

When a user search keyword search ?

in a page, in addition to the main content description page, page to appear the relevant recommendations section, relevant recommendations, and the necessary links, web content is highly related, it is related to the depth of user browsing, when users want to further understand the web content, this time related to recommend you >

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