Su Di Kang do the key city in the overall planning of the Shanghai Dragon

most people seriously optimization in a Shanghai City Longfeng site, and not just the interest, also hope to get some income through such a site. Get enough in return, there is the city of Shanghai Longfeng reason. But now, most of the city of Shanghai Longfeng empty site ranking, can obtain the list of very few, each list offer also do not delay. This is the root cause of the difficulties, the majority of Shanghai City Longfeng site operation, too much emphasis on the rankings, ignoring the overall planning of the site.

Shanghai dragon industry is not recognized by many colleagues "model city name + Shanghai dragon", that many business owners don’t know the word "Shanghai dragon", "Shanghai City Search + dragon" is more of a company.

Shanghai City Longfeng operation is the overall planning

is influenced by the Pareto’s law, a lot of friends know Shanghai Dragon technology to build "city name + Shanghai dragon" push based web site keywords, trying to get a better ranking, website optimization received the corresponding task, increase their income. Because a lot of friends is a technical background, do not understand some of the characteristics of network marketing, the maintenance of the city of Shanghai dragon website, into the "ranked no income" embarrassment. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that as long as seriously in accordance with the requirements of marketing and design the entire process, it is not difficult to do a good job in the city of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai City Longfeng potential in

therefore, Shanghai dragon city site, from site selection, design, website ranking optimization to pick a single talks late, should to do around the customer. The overall planning must be unified, all actions in marketing as the criterion. While the overall planning, must always consider the trust.

yes, according to the data provided by the Shanghai love index, Shanghai City Longfeng search of Internet Keywords, the majority is "IT persons" (basically is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng friends). From this perspective, rely on search engines to obtain the corresponding target flow, in fact it is difficult to. On the other hand, it is also an advantage, once more excellent ranking, can be proud of strength and case shows that, become the important Farmar orders negotiations.

in the long run, "Shanghai dragon" and the corresponding Chinese translation "search engine optimization" will further spread, the search came from "city name + Shanghai dragon" effective IP ratio will rise slowly. The search engine by the influence of the old site of trust and other operations of a city operation of Shanghai Longfeng site, potential should not be underestimated.

Shanghai City Longfeng operation, is essentially a marketing practice. From the city of Shanghai Longfeng site selection, design, website ranking optimization to pick a single talks late, should be designed around the marketing plan. The so-called marketing, simply said, is to sell things (selling products or services). The overall planning of Shanghai City Longfeng site, to focus on the sales of Shanghai dragon service "to design.


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