Shanghai Longfeng electricity supplier website optimization strategy method four


Title: of Google word is limited to 38 characters, Shanghai love word is limited to 33 characters (after the test, this is limited to a range rather than an accurate digital only, try to ensure that the character is less than 35, the page title to Google and love Shanghai complete display does not appear ellipsis)

Due to the unique

3, external links: external link quality and quantity also has an important role in the site’s ranking, as in a certain site Links has many different types of links, such Links made on the website of the contribution is very limited or even negative effects.

two, Shanghai Longfeng station structure optimization

page information maintenance

search engine in the index to website content is, the so-called original content, with unique content page will follow the same pattern than with the contents of the page in the search engine. The unique content of the ideas of the construction can be "news" and "Industry Report" "products." and so on that page Shanghai Longfeng information, as well as the product page description, to the product page description information increased, for page score.

1, the quality of the content: the component content of the site quality in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the largest, only with good content to attract customers, only have a unique content to make web page ranking more than speak generally ".

: there are a variety of products to increase data included a number of channels, but the number of which play a decisive role or your own product, if >

, a unique website

e-commerce is the future development trend of the business enterprise, but also need to solve the problem, the enterprise website to do e-commerce, inevitably need to Shanghai Longfeng optimization services, the following is part, statements of a school inadequacies, please correct me.

Description: description information is generally not more than 200 characters, but the best control in 75 characters can complete display.

Keywords characters generally do not exceed 100 characters.

2, station optimization: maximum station basic optimization contains the website of the internal links reasonable cross, meet user habit site classification, site classification between clear hierarchy and so on are the basic skills of website optimization.

page of the Title and Description are similar to the role of SEM in the creative information, so it has very important role, which determines whether the customer can at first in the search results to see the links you can decide to link to your site. So to control the number of words and page optimization requires not only confined to the home page, as this required to perform to the level of even two pages.



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