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if your ecommerce website is relatively small, write unique Meta tags, Meta description, title tags and H1 tags may not need too long, but if your site is very big, it is not a small project. A method of optimizing content to help you speed up your e-commerce website is to create several Meta data template, you can use the retrieved at any time throughout the site. For example, I wrote for my site before the Meta template "teayg tea pavilion (brand) is a professional retail Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, Fen, Luzhou, Yun flavor, Chen Xiangxing (type), to build the country’s largest Tieguanyin online distributors, where you can buy high quality Tieguanyin tea, the most reasonable price. The China Tieguanyin tea brand." We can put the Meta description apply to Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, Fen, Luzhou, Yun flavor, Chen Xiangxing and other relative directory product page. Through more targeted keywords, can be more.

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: a unique product description

e-commerce website is almost all of them come from the manufacturers use the same products sent instructions. When the content of your site is the time to copy other site content, you will how is your website talent shows itself a potential customer? Why to choose your site? Rewritten your product description, these will become your unique selling point. You have more content, but also can provide more information of the search engine spiders to read and index. It is also more easy to heat natural increase your keywords.

electronic commerce website in Shanghai Longfeng will often than other types of site difficult. Most boring, boring product description, URL structure is a mess, and because of the need to rely on a large number of pictures, so their web site is slow to search engine spiders and it looks is blank. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for the optimization of e-commerce sites, best practice guidelines for search engine optimization is still applicable, but the electronic commerce website and other sites, methods may be different. The following the author will introduce four e-commerce website content optimization techniques.

three: create Meta data template

customer reviews can help you do the Shanghai dragon can also help you to better improve the user. Online shopping has become a very social activities. Just as we love shopping at Taobao, read other buyers comments before deciding whether to buy. So why make your potential customers reading other buyers comments to help you build your website? Because it helps to build consumer trust in your ecommerce website, and are likely to put your visitors into customer a push. Consumer comments will also be your site’s content have more unique content, search engine spiders will be more love reading and index.

One of the most common problems of

two: customer comments added to the product page


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