The first half of the chain of thoughts and summarize the experience to do


absolutely ridiculous!

then I "weight" two words for a detailed explanation of what, in fact we can do a very simple thing to test a forum for weight, do not use what PR query tool to check out that what the value of PR, that really is a cloud, the best way is to register the forum before we start check the other day post, see is not included, if the day can be included, that the weight of this forum is very high, or included how fast included? Next, look carefully, take a look at the post release time, such as the release of 2011.11.13.14:26, and then we’ll see, included posts how to check the post included, I will not say, look at the snapshot time. If the snapshot time is very close to the post release time, the description of this forum The weight is extremely high, has reached the second level, like this forum will you let go? This forum weight is not high? You don’t say this forum is very rare, is really too much, just point in a local forum, look at it under the Links, looking down the. A few days to find, 200, to find out how much a month, calculate it.

remember just contact Shanghai dragon starts the chain, several forums are always looking at the cut off fingers can count out, because do not have the resources, he will not find, so every day in the leadership of the arrangement, in A5, is behind, chainz send several posts, back several posts, included quite quickly one day, how much, how much income, mainly because of the weight of these forums are high, to tell the truth, the forum also did a few keywords I am responsible for the ranking to the home page (the word is not large, competitive) laugh I have blown out and eat rice almost back, then different the web site is not responsible for the kind of small business website, but a keyword in love in Shanghai is more than twenty million, rely on several forums to put the rankings do go up, certainly can not, unless to sleep during the day The pillow is very good, have a good dream, then change tactics, I may be clever, what is the forum, game forums, local forums, feelings of forum, in short, related, not related to this, and not to go to go, therefore, a lot of people despise me, but never mind, there are many people despise me, let them go up, but I want to say is that a fifteen million of the amount collected by my four thousand keywords despised by the forum arranged to the home page, some people say, not related to the forum is almost no weight. That is to say, we do have to go to the website of medical health class post to do outside the chain?

contact from Shanghai Longfeng now almost more than half a year, maybe this extra small sum like hot Steamed Buns me on a grain of rice, food and tasteless! But I am a sharing and spit water, can not tolerate a little good stuff in the belly, I hope that the hair a chain of small skills can let everybody the keywords ranking ascension so little. If there is objection please a lot of inclusive

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