Three buy Shanghai Longfeng instrument must be considered

software developers to develop, Shanghai dragon optimization and not rely on tools can do the job, so I hope webmaster friends think out the problems when buying tools. The article by 贵族宝贝8dn贵族宝贝’s China warm warm nest net original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

A tool is

believes that buyers are more sensitive to the price, want to buy a value for money. I think if the software is too expensive, not to hire a consultant of the Shanghai dragon. After all, the software is dead, consultant is alive, and put forward the appropriate optimization strategy according to the site of the site. So the price positioning software must be suitable and it can play the role.


, a software developer


two software, the price will not be outrageous

say, even if we know how to use EXCEL, but that does not mean that we will be an accountant. Although some of this analogy is not appropriate, but it is good to express our relationship with webmaster tools. When we get the tools, will only use it, but do not know why, has become the Shanghai dragon operation optimization only this tool. Step back and say, even if we know the Shanghai dragon knowledge, but with this tool, will not form Shanghai dragon pace, not pay attention to the search engine. If so, don’t go to buy tools. The tools do not rely on is a good Shanghai Longfeng workers.

optimization work is a very laborious thing, basically every day is doing the same thing. Especially the construction of the chain, so a lot of people. So some people think can use these tools to replace operation, indeed there are many aspects of this online tool. But in the face of these tools, I hope the webmaster friends to consider these questions:

tool is different from other software, because it is facing a search engine, it is necessary to study on the search engine to developers familiar, familiar with the Shanghai dragon. If one knows only what the development of the group function, and do not understand some preferences of search engine, this software is not worth buying. As the Shanghai dragon tool developers, is must have the knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, but also is a type of software upgrade. Because the search engine optimization algorithm has been changed, we also need to change the way.

three, will be formed depending on software

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

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