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again, because we are so sure everyone is collected, as the same, so it is not included, so love Shanghai, have to think of ways to do the original film introduced. If not, will.

, a hardware, due to relatively large television station traffic, some do good even need to do station sub station diversion, so a fast and stable server is the key, some friends use virtual host station, I want to say is not can use the virtual host. But it is not the best choice, because without him, the light amount of data can not meet the demand of the movie station, a movie station for at least 50 thousand or more of the movie? Then the text of these films as well as the introduction of light on the thumbnail at least to occupy less 5G space. And because many people shared virtual host. CPU occupancy and bandwidth resources, it is difficult to meet. If you open a web page to ten seconds, and then a stills introduced a minute to see, and what your customers have to wait, so this is the first element of the first to solve. Some owners may not take pre ability of the server to make station, then a fast VPS can also solve as pressing danger.

site procedures, because of the particularity of video website, is there no other station as the original (belong to the company to the original film) almost all the sites are identical with the film, and now the acquisition function more and more powerful, many stations are directly to your collection of me, I gather you. All the contents of the same. So, now the search engine extreme dislike movie station, which is why some movie station is difficult to be included in the cause. So, how to make you stand in the whirlpool collection so much talent shows itself in

first, you need a unique and novel template, if possible, it is best to keep your template change beyond recognition (of course, the premise is not affecting the user browsing), and reduce the similarity to the other movie website template. Teach you a trick here, in each channel page, and list page, content page. With this title, you can choose the call mode. For example, the normal action introduced inside, you may just use a common template to do, then the labels are the same. But. If you are in your "title" "Keywords" "description" inside, {playpage:name}, maybe you will receive unexpected results. You can try to know.

recently many of my friends asked me about how to optimize the movie websites, if you can get a faster and better love Shanghai, in fact, there is no so-called Shanghai dragon fixed way and routine, but this is a little experience to share with you. Just for the film and television website, greatly can float.


due to the special nature of the film and television website, 3 I summarize here.

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