The price of ginkgo tree network optimization analysis

: hope to get the site, first is the concept of off site "look"

after the Spring Festival, due to the busy life has not yet started work, so the article is written by a little. Originally wanted to write a summary at the end of the year to come, but open the blog, click the "new article" but a word do not want to fight, it is the vacation Hugh people become more lazy. Since lazy in the past summary, that I still start the job at hand, there is a belly to eat, do not work? Morning received a list: ginkgo tree net price (www.yinxingshu.cn) keyword optimization. A person working as boring, and my personal knowledge and power co.. It is with us to analyze this website, people more power. I use their own standards to analyze this website, as a. The analysis is wrong or not in place to welcome master pointing. Taotao here indebted forever. Good start:

two: title, keywords and description examination, the method is very simple, just direct viewing in the background, but I still love the browser – to view the source file "this method. Title A total of 18 words, including the main keywords "ginkgo tree price", in line with the requirements of (because not long tail keywords, is to do a keyword, so Title need not be too long); keywords; description.

heard and asked: next, is to listen to the website "sound" and ask the website "symptoms"

website refers to listen to sound, listen to the customer of the web site itself is introduced, so as to master some useful information on the website optimization. Ask the site "symptoms" is where some customers not to describe, do some inquiries and records. According to customer description, the domain name has three years of history, has done a "comprehensive website ginkgo tree price information network", the two main keywords (ginkgo tree ginkgo tree and price) rankings are very good. Two months ago, the customer bought after the change of the domain name >

: open the site you could see at a glance, this is a website with the ZBLOG program to do the blog. As everyone knows, the ZB program either in security program or in the search engine optimization is relatively mature. Then with the customer to manage accounts and FTP accounts carefully checked, basically did not move over the background. Short Jie said, this program is the ZB of the original, did not make any changes, if such procedures is not what big problem.

to the customerThe so-called

I do website optimization may Taotao with you a little bit different, I’ve dabbled in Chinese medicine industry, so I do website optimization also pay attention to "look, smell, ask, cut". Look, smell, which refers to the view color; listen to sound; ask about; symptoms; cutting; finger touch pulse. Collectively, four.

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