The reason the website is more and more difficult to be included in the clear to you

The architecture of

site itself determines the speed of search engine website and included the number, the requirements in the news source site is obvious, many sites in Shanghai for love news source site failed is the site itself not structure. This is our website UEL, love Shanghai spiders love is a directory structure better, this love for Shanghai spiders crawl is more favorable. If the site level of many words, love Shanghai in the spider crawling will feel very troublesome, so early in building site must take the web ready, so in the future online on the line, can make the website more conducive to the love of Shanghai.


First, the website domain name weight

third, the website internal links to uniform distribution of

some website stack keywords phenomenon is very serious, such as on your own website for keywords plus a lot of links, this is said to help this keyword ranking, but the other keywords to ignore. For example, we take Henan technology for example, the main push keywords Zhengzhou is our website, if we add a large number of keywords Zhengzhou website construction in the chain, then the result is certainly Zhengzhou website column the following page collection is very good, but in other words the following page included the lack of very bad. So we do the webmaster friends in the chain, should be based on the main push keywords, but also to ensure that the >

domain name weight is high, this may be most webmaster friends should be aware that if there is a N year old domain name of your hands, and then used to do the railway station when appropriate to add a few words of medium difficulty, so there is a great help for the optimization of the site itself. The domain name is a crucial factor for a web site, we often say Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization is our website. If we now have several webmaster friends hand late 90s to apply for the domain name, then you smiling now, used to do the rankings included speed is very fast.

now you want to make a website on the Internet that is simply too easy, free online do station procedures and source code has been more and more, such as weaving, empire is very convenient to open source. But a site is set up, does not mean that we can do is to let things drift, in order to allow more users to access our website, which brings us economic benefits or enhance the visibility. Now with several big love Shanghai 2012 upgrade algorithm change, want to love the Shanghai spiders completely collected all content on your site that is difficult, even sometimes we worked so hard to write the original article also love Shanghai shut out, what are the reasons for this result early today? Love the stars on the issue that your own point of view.

The old

second, the site itself problems

The structure of

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