What problems will be encountered are search engine optimization process


through the observation and study for a period of time, the two models are the same, that is relative to the two address under the same conditions do not exist the problem of priority.

is a particularly strenuous exercise expend time and energy for Shanghai dragon er the original. So most of the time spent in the almost pseudo original and chain of things. Some say before, where he still agree, for example, disrupt the paragraph, replaced synonyms for the 8 and so on. After 30, found that some methods can’t meet our search engine has changed. Let me see some recently discovered some examples:

business travel website, using the method of radical algorithm, URL address is used in mixed case phase usage, site construction, love Shanghai included not ideal, where he thought the URL address is sensitive, but found in the recent adjustment, in fact, this problem is not a problem, the search engine is the same for the case of the URL, there is no priority.

two: the URL address in the letters included the influence of


with a few sites to do some tests, two site weights of the same, within a few weeks and released absolutely original articles, the site under the same program, only the address of the site is not the same, a two level directory, a three level directory, there was a great deviation, enabled two the directory website very much, while the three site (address long) directory is included so that there is little awful. Wait for a few weeks so still. So where he has reason to suspect that this URl address, there is a certain influence for the search engine included. He suggested that when the site where the structure planning construction site in the best three level directory, and the directory name can not be too long.

URL address length and included


1. A company website (not in this exposure), is looking for an old Internet company to do. When it comes to the old company you may understand a bit, do the site is mostly the same set of procedures, using the ASP program, using a dynamic URL path, in fact, the most important point is the site down only a title, is the name of the company. In some sense, it should not be very good, but also to optimize the key. But after 830, there are several exciting results. This article mainly to the name of the company has included more than 900 articles, site domain name, I rely on the full name of the company, 900. That is a little bit. Love Shanghai for the same standard >

four: the pseudo original paragraph or text when

: a pseudo static and static address which is easier to

search engine optimization process there is always some relative, and which is better? Trade network founder (He Fan) with the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts to discuss this problem, welcome to discuss.

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