Chastity when speculation rampant Shanghai Dragon into the clouds

investment speculation

is two years old domain, domain once discovered before is a wholesale website. Website optimization can be said that basically did not do what Shanghai dragon Links is out of order. What type of website, but the website must now IP every day a lot, so the website also hung a lot of advertising through the benefits of this marketing hype is very fast. But I think it is only a short-term profit, after all, most now to visit the site it is seen on the network news, micro-blog and other information. People are curious, especially in the network. This is our profit rate of these Er were far behind the Shanghai dragon. But this site is only the so-called "flow" in today’s society, there is no real significance. There are several reasons:


In fact,

second: website content is very confusing

websiteIf the

wants to make a website, or is said to be a person in the network quickly became popular is not difficult, the difficulty is to keep the state, I think no professional operation, no enough investment is probably impossible. Users will feel fresh for a long time, probably nobody pay attention to it.


has always been known for using the Internet hype the most efficient way, a few years ago "small month events" is not a netizen in the BBS posts. A seemingly ordinary article can be fried so fire, visible speculation is much charm, the author analyze the "chastity" data:

this time online speculation of a website is the fire: I just love chastity, Shanghai will be able to see the overwhelming news. As for the incident is not in this talk, I want to say is the effect of network hype is too big, too quickly. Look at the love Shanghai drop-down box to know:


is a simple personal blog, bloggers can also share the passions, technical inspection, and visitors to reach a consensus, exchange ideas etc.. The so-called "chastity" will cause a lot of bad feeling, I think most people will go to open the first, don’t go to see this website. Because there is no real value, "what can not bring benefits to the visitors".

: first the actual value of the

for Shanghai dragon friends, when speculation is rampant, Shanghai dragon became the clouds? The author thinks that we should learn from the "network marketing knowledge", it is also worth thinking about the problem, reasonable use of network >

The domain name

I did not carefully look at the site that the navigation bar is very confusing, especially Links. Hanging many small ads look at not too healthy "". This is the website theme and be quite different.

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