Five ways to enhance the quality of the site to prevent search engine site error

now says Shanghai Longfeng optimization, an obvious trend is to let each person do his best to please the search engine, search engine can hope as much as possible included your web site and give your site a higher weight, keywords ranking higher, this approach is not incorrect, but this initiative please, once into errors, such as through the temptation to let search engine as the black hat method, will naturally lead to crash! In fact do website optimization objective is to make their sites more friendly, more user experience, through the improvement of the quality of the site itself, to make the search engine active please you, is the ultimate skill of website optimization below! I have to share with you the five methods

search engine is how to find the content on your site value? The number is to see your website content on the site there were many, can be more high weight websites, on the way to the content spread out so when the content of your website edit and the dissemination of active and passive, if the website of others can take the initiative to reprint the content of your site is better, if not, it would have to take the initiative, now is not a lot of soft hair, such as A5 now have such a service, through the soft Wen can quickly let myself on behalf of the content on the website was quickly reprinted thus, let love Shanghai attaches importance to the content on your site


two: website content is very high value

for a web site, if the schema >

four: the structure of the website to be innovative, personalized

: the stability of the site and the speed of


site quality is good, stability and speed is a very important factor, estimates will encounter a lot of grassroots webmaster website rather baffling isn’t open, even some websites also being hung up the Trojan, open a website to half of the time, these have affected the user experience, but also affected the love of Shanghai the spider, spider because every day to visit a site many times, once the face of these sites not open, the spider can record love Shanghai potential problems of these sites, if the number of times more and more, the final love Shanghai spider will jump out of the site visit, will eventually abandon this website so do website! The stability and speed that is actively courting the first search engine you

three: let the content of the site spread up


web content is the core, but also pay attention to let the spider to your core, actually search engine is to let users get a better experience, can help to others, and your website content is to serve such a role, with the search engine but we will take the initiative to your website, your the content as early as possible the dedication to the vast number of users, so your site’s ranking and weight increases, the visible content value is higher, the search engine will pay more attention to you, otherwise, it will be abandoned by the search engine


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