How to make the site within three days were included to share the love of Shanghai


6. text add links:


now love Shanghai included automatic speed has let people know, so put forward the following method. For all the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts refer to learning.

love Shanghai post inside knowledge is very important, because here we can add new links so that we can widely our site popularity, let Shanghai know we love such a website, then he will look like this, for our new really good! Here I do not say about the post in Shanghai know some of the methods and skills! I believe you have a very clear

to write an article, what. A bit of technology, write technology, no technology, just write emotion, anyway, seriously, write an article, good writing, writing, writing is poor, but also try to write, after writing, modify, finally bring link to your website, like what Chinaz, the laggards so, DoNews, Webmaster Platform multiple releases.

1. first love Shanghai search search submit url:

soft article and then affixed to the webmaster nets and other famous sites this is the preferred method for many new adsense. In fact, this method is not as several methods above have included faster. After all the above 5 methods is recommended in the new love of their products in Shanghai. This is like two children, one is myself, the other one is for others, you will take care of the parents who are a little more

love Shanghai how fast included with all analysis finished, hoping to help the webmaster.


2. Shanghai post:

4. blog, a blog:

how to make love Shanghai fast included your site? Today I summarize some of the knowledge to share with everyone. In fact, there is no ranking website there is no traffic is to see how we do the site later work can be reflected. Under normal circumstances, the new station included what is this not too good why? How can we solve this problem? The most important thing is to do the site included.

3. love Shanghai encyclopedia create entries:

5. to write some soft Wen do publicity:

column in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love and love the weight in search of Shanghai Shanghai know almost columns. You can create a new theme about the new words, and then in the "source" written on the website and link address. This effect with the love of Shanghai know the answer to the same with different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

although it is difficult to keep the blog, but we still want to do blog! Like Sina, Inc., Saydee, Sohu, Shanghai love space like, then you will do these links blog friendship connection.

know love

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