How to let the old site in Shanghai love update more and more stable

to change the content of the original site reproduced less edit mode

wants to keep their old website ranking steady, steady, included a new snapshot, then.

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every time you love Shanghai update will always be a part of this website down, let many of the old owners feel the love of Shanghai is heartless, as he love Shanghai search engine more is to consider the interests of users, and for some of the old site is down right or be K are due to the site itself caused by insufficient, and want to own the site tends to be stable in love in Shanghai, so we must change the idea and method of construction site, detailed below we talk about how to let the old site in Shanghai love update more and more stable.

modify the station details make the site complies with the search engine

change the quality of the chain should be stable and the correlation is the core of

many of the old site that the weight is too high, so the content of the site is built to reproduced or directly copy and paste form, is the website operation mode let the old site lost love Shanghai trust, love to know Shanghai search engine has been advocating is original content, we can give a very simple example: a new website updated every day 10 pieces of high quality original content, and an old site every day to collect 10 articles, or half a month on your old site will be right down this love Shanghai. Why is this: from the optimization guide to love in Shanghai, we can get not only the original user needs more is the original search engine needs to meet the needs of users, and your website even original do not love Shanghai what search engine ranking to give you a good

some of the old site in the early establishment is to rely on the chain, and now love Shanghai search engine foreign chain attack is very powerful, a little attention will appear to be site may love Shanghai down the right behavior, especially in the chain of love interest to Shanghai, the old site should be more the stability and correlation as the core, stable and related website is based website development, a very simple example if your old site every day the chain fell 100, while the number of a new site outside the chain of the same industry although not much but high weight of the chain, also love Shanghai after crawling and it will choose who website ranking

maybe our old website templates and procedures have been used for a few years, I think our webmaster template and the program is mature, the development in fact part of the old site using the program which seriously hampered the site or a few years ago. A few years ago, the program does not update the concept of what it is, the loophole, this kind of website can not be long-term trust of the search engine, so as an old webmaster we must learn to modify the program details and template details within the site, let us look with the program template is more perfect, don’t let the search engine spiders crawling in case of accident, the only way to make our old website ranking steady stick.

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