About the love of Shanghai how quickly out of the study period to love Shanghai

love Shanghai study how to optimize the site? How fast out of the love of Shanghai

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is the first to know what love is Shanghai the new study period: the period of the railway station, said here refers only to the sandbox effect equivalent to Google’s love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai period refers to the new site after the completion of the audit inspection confirmed Shanghai need love is not love Shanghai garbage station will be included. The time may be 20 days may also be a month or more, 贵族宝贝myblogff贵族宝贝/ is by many factors determine the frequency of site updates and the chain etc.. This time love Shanghai included only a small part of the web page or inside pages, is the webmaster is love Shanghai new study period

Links my advice is the best to do less, a new web site is like a newcomer into a new field where there are so many friends and friendship, more must do is to have the suspicion of cheating. Besides the new friend chain is also difficult, disagreeable is inevitable. So your site better in doing well, it will naturally. But don’t do, love Shanghai of friends of the chain is very important, how to do the chain? Is very simple, is a principle of relevance. I think this is very important is the correlation, friends of the chain to the site and your theme is closely linked, if this time you don’t pay attention to change some eight pole could not beat the link, then you after the road is difficult to go. Not only the friends of the chain to a strong correlation of external links the site is the same, to do the chain related in your web site and related websites. A lot of friends find their web site links to many tens of thousands of tens of thousands but what rank is not good, but people outside of the chain and the hundreds.

love Shanghai to the railway station of Shanghai during the love is not included in the website page, just released a collection of your website pages. So during this period we love Shanghai how to optimize the site? In fact, not to worry about what the optimization can be normal and friendly. Create valuable content to the website (not necessarily original, valuable scarce resources to the user can, on how to do web content) can refer to [how to make your website page is love Shanghai fast included]

chain don’t do too much, we can imagine a new site outside the chain was the growth of you feel normal? Do the high quality of the chain, a few good every day.

?In fact,

I know a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon industry friends, on their website was just love Shanghai included after the happy day the update chain but not see what included very depressed when they increase the site neither dead nor alive. When may enter the observation period of love in Shanghai, so he asked what love Shanghai during the study period, Shanghai to study how to optimize the site of love, is not love Shanghai to the new period of study site will be better development? With these questions we come together to learn about the problem of love Shanghai.


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