How big data era enterprise grassroots webmaster for marketing and Shanghai Dragon

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1, the use of free

as a grassroots webmaster do not know only a short while ago big data has smoke, and kill people in the invisible, the traditional experience of samba football by rigorous data of the German tanks crazy over, surprised at the same time, is also a reminder to the grassroots webmaster, pay attention to big data.

2, do

said the big data maybe a lot of people do not understand, give you one example. One is the traditional enterprise station grassroots webmaster, often search for rice, grains, recent attention as well as the trademark registration, website content. Now I on the Internet, a lot of "fell in love with the sea, love Shanghai almost all all information pages, news, 100 will appear to be related to food advertising, joining, catering and other related. Click to open almost everywhere is bidding, no natural ranking. Love Shanghai backstage database records of my search habits, and provide a click choice for me. There are some other sites will appear on the promotion, such as:

platform, multi supply information released, industry news. You can link with, can’t take can also leave the relevant product information etc.. There are few new sites keywords ranking, not to mention the click rate, can release the information through a lot of free platform. Such as: the search for "Ji’nan rice", the ranking is some high weight, seniority website, but careful observation will find many websites support registration free membership information. I like it in the ranking of cloud network, food business network, enterprise network along the platform before the release of product information. Click open on the company product promotion, personally feel that this investment returns can also have some exposure, the platform can link, very good, such as network, churism network enterprise summary platform.

. For traditional businesses, potential customers is very important to have online customer service and website membership system. A recognition of the enterprise products, culture and other related topics, talk intention visitors can register to become a member, members can participate in web forums, and related knowledge, common rich web content, increase the site, at the same time background to sort out the membership information, acquire the relevant information such as email, for the next new product introduction possible.

3, the establishment of the membership of the website system

keywords ranking strong competition. Such as real estate, the real estate as a keyword, it is difficult to do, even before a few pages to. You can think about user search habits and description or regional choice of words long tail words to do. Such as personal station in Ji’nan, the optimization time is not long, Ji’nan, Ji’nan rice grains have a certain ranking.

traditional enterprise grassroots webmaster have no money, no money to do the bidding, two is not a network, how to enhance the site search engine exposure, increase site traffic, get more orders. Personal website is not a long time, can not say experience, combined with their own exploration, to share some of their own experiences. We hope that more exchanges, more criticism, common progress.

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