B2B enterprise website optimization new method to rank well to go two roads

: the first road bidding

but, although the auction has a series of problems, but in website optimization, bidding is indispensable. Especially popular industry, is the largest power bidding. Bidding ranking, chance customer resources is higher, the ranking, although it costs less, but relatively, as well as the resources of top-ranking companies. Therefore, even if the B2B enterprises know the malicious click there, there are still many companies willing to walk this road.

In fact,

in addition, the existence of malicious click that companies in the statistical data when some errors, can not accurately judge the rewards of bidding and investment is proportional to.

, B2B enterprise website optimization and not so difficult to imagine now love Shanghai to pursue high quality articles, concise code, normal optimization, valuable content, as long as the enterprise website can do this, then the natural ranking be nothing difficult. In addition, in the update process, as long as the quality and quantity, to allow more people to share, click, then, the search engine will automatically think is valuable information for the site will naturally increase the weight of the rankings.

this is a way to the highest price, is the main website optimization. Through the normal operation and optimization, let your web site keywords ranking, in order to get more customer resources. The biggest problem is that this cycle is long, slow. But the price is also very high, because the site optimization do well now, not only benefit, even after all the future may benefit, this is to do the bidding.

moreover, website optimization and one of the biggest advantage is that the ranking is stable. Of course, the premise is what you do is normal, in accordance with the rules of search engines. As we all know, now love Shanghai search engine has been constantly change, why change is to exclude some by informal means to obtain ranking sites. The normal maintenance sites ranking is very stable, so the customer resources will be Everfount.

website optimization has been the focus of modern enterprises concerned however, with the changing love Shanghai search engine, so many B2B enterprises do not know how to do in order to have a good ranking to have more customer resources. In this regard, professionals believe that B2B enterprises want to have good rankings, will follow the two road.

second: search engine optimization

said the auction, many users first thought is money, but money is big. And indeed. The auction is charged per click, click on a fee once, do not click on free of charge. However, in actual operation, there will be competitors malicious click, it will lead to the increased investment costs, bring a lot of trouble for the enterprise.

B2B as long as the enterprises to do the above two points, in order to optimize the operation of the site, so regular practices, "

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