Guo Yeye what determines the quality of promotion Keywords love Shanghai

2. framework – love Shanghai account, plan – unit – keywords, love Shanghai account is a website, a website for Shanghai dragon framework, we in the framework of the promotion of the time want to try to do is plan, unit, key words reasonable, such as brand promotion, business promotion plan. Different plans to include the most relevant units, business promotion plan can include website construction unit, love Shanghai promotion unit, is actually doing correlation. If the business promotion program springing a clothing sale unit, Guo Yeye love Shanghai promotion unit, is not appropriate, the overall structure of accounts must be clear, so to comb keywords and enhance the degree of quality is good.

is currently a lot of enterprises do love Shanghai, and arranged a full-time staff to maintain the love of Shanghai account, love Shanghai can indeed bring benefits to the enterprise, but the cost of love Shanghai is not low, the company would prefer to find someone from the maintenance team can be formed reflected, many Wuhan companies have exclusive love Shanghai account maintenance department, maintenance personnel of different products of different industries, Wen Road has specialize in. In fact, these changes are derived from the background of the love love Shanghai, Shanghai later upgraded repeatedly, repeatedly change, make the maintenance of love Shanghai account has become a technology, many network marketing companies in the recruitment of staff, love Shanghai account maintenance and promotion of Shanghai dragon became the base requirements of occupation.


The frame structure of

has a friend in QQ asked me about the quality of the love Shanghai account today, asked how to make key words into three stars, three stars for more promotion row on the left front position to love Shanghai. I don’t really answer, contact Shanghai love account has been more than a month, the account which the change is not too clear, love Shanghai to promote change too much, I just had the stars still have practical experience, here to share with you, how can let the account become three key words the stars or improve the quality of the keywords of love Shanghai.

1. – Like attracts like. the selected keyword is very important, the location is also very important, in addition to meet the best location of website promotion keywords. The production site is a "KEYWORDS" that there are words of the site, can these words alone to do promotion unit in Shanghai love account. A link between the key words and key words, this is the network promotion, Wuhan Like attracts like., such as network marketing, network promotion service, if the unit which plus Wuhan love Shanghai to extend the keywords, is not necessarily appropriate, also affect the quality of the unit, the unit quality is affected, the inevitable key words the quality doesn’t improve.

3. original content – do not know if you have not found this phenomenon, a new love Shanghai account was born, the quality of key words are very high, congratulations to the account manager, it is because.

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