Craigslist why can become the classified information website of America’s fire

, foreign (especially American) had a tradition of the sale of second-hand goods. In addition to other websites, newspapers, leaflets, advertising and other media will be published in the sale of second-hand information, while Craigslist is to seize the Internet this fast platform, to a great extent by the huge market has been extended.


second, simple design is also very important. Someone may ask: how monotonous people love this website? In fact it is in line with the American culture and habits, an important reason the site simple and reasonable design is also welcome. The creation of these years, Craigslist offers only the services that they want most for the user, no advertising, no spam, because its interface design is simple, so the load and response of the super fast speed. In addition to the user to upload pictures without any other pictures. Although the interface is very simple but powerful, user management of posts is very convenient, for example, the useless information will be automatically deleted after the release of a period of time, but in your account can be seen in the past, one click can restore information. If you want to trade with other users, click on the information button in the page can send mail directly to each other, but after the two sides can be traded through private conversations, very convenient.

Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, 1999 was extended to 9 City in the United States, 2003 to 14 city, so far has been extended to more than 500 City, more than 50 countries. I think Craigslist can be so successful is because it is a completely free, free platform, some monitoring of malicious information, feedback and rely on customers, formed a trust based benign cycle, has become the ninth largest network stations in the United States! Here we carefully analyze the elements of Craigslist the success of the.

Third, ?

website security. For trading website complete should be very important, Craigslist would do this, the website has information on fraud detection function and spam, users can mark their considered spam messages, if a message by multiple users multiple standard >

for the classified information website you may be familiar with? As our domestic ganji贵族宝贝 is one example, but we want to say today is the most popular Craigslist website, this place is not the most cattle above a picture, only with text, written information related to a variety of life. Craigslist looks very boring, but one of the sites most Americans actually love, what business secret actually does it have? And what is the difference compared with our domestic ganji贵族宝贝

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