Feather Shanghai dragon is actually used to complete execution of obscure knowledge and details

over the past few days, to see the situation, the answer is not touched his mind, feeling of reading is to understand, but do not know why to do so, there is no overall concept.

has released the chain member asked me, he knew a forum post link is very good, the chain query quickly, why did he have to go to other forums, a lot of links in the left there will be good? It shows that he only know how to send the chain, leaving the link, but do not know the chain construction is the need to pursue growth link diversity.

Behind the

there is often someone will ask the question: why my article is snivel to write out the original, God damn love Shanghai is not included, the next Aunt Wang son changed the title, but the second second place? Where is justice? The reason is that they don’t know the mechanism included and included factors to achieve the original, is very important, but it is only a factor. Only for one factor, other factors can only give up, get no effect. Maybe a lot of original is of high quality, but not equal to the original article is high quality articles.

is like, many Shanghai dragon er know site do 301 redirect is good, but do not know if this is actually a process of URL standard, in order to concentrate weight to participate in ranking.

thing is relatively simple, I just told him three things, when back to communicate with him, obviously feeling he has started, is not so confused, know his day’s work is what to do, why to do so.

I heard, summed up a vernacular: it is not clear why the optimization allows keyword ranking will rise, so he listens, nodded?.

this is a relatively common phenomenon, ask the question that will go into consideration, otherwise everyday in repetitive work, but I do not know for what, this is sad.

these three things is very simple:

, content. If you search for "banana", but to the "printer" content of the search results page, the search engine has a problem, because the search engine is to provide accurate search content prime. So, in the search engine OK, we have to do this keywords bananas, then our page if bananas and related content. Further down, we need to be collected more pages, then.

ahead of time, the company recruit interns, the countryside young man, pragmatic and hard-working, although the foundation is not very good, but quite hard to learn the spirit of a little talk a few words, I feel and others of the same age is not the same feeling, he very love, just move in.

I give him some of their previous learning materials, but also lent him a look at the monumental "Shanghai dragon combat code" and told Wang Wei, take a problem, more exchanges.

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