4 must pay attention to the main points on the articles included in the

some love to do anchor text with a sentence and then pointing to the front page of the site, because in their opinion can be done to improve the user experience, allowing users to more easily find their target page, you want to find relevant information.

1. content is the root of website development, only focus on the content will make the website "accumulate steadily"

(1) to control the length of the key

in addition, update the content owners to have the law, regularly publish articles, such as 8-9 in the morning, at noon 12-1, 4-6 PM, 9-10 p.m., the time often appears in the four spider publishing high quality articles, in order to feed the spider, and adhere to 1 weeks let the search engine, grasp the law of our own website update, it won the trust, if things go on like this, once the weight increased, this article from the "second" is not far away.

web content to ensure a plateau, we really need to continue the initial site of content updates in order to attract spiders, but there are many webmaster precisely at this time chenbuzhuqi, frequent acquisition of other website content, some even directly copy and paste, leading to their site of the original is very low. You know in Shanghai Longfeng industry there is a saying called "content is king", once the content of your site collection times too much, the spider will think your site is not what the new content in the course of time, also will not come back to your site. So, in the website, we must increase the intensity of the original article.

for a new station, we must increase the early efforts to update their site, frequency as high as possible, which will make the spider to crawl the content often included speed is put up.

2. do the anchor text site, make the site within the chain construction of the "rough"

Bridge Station anchor text is from one page to another page, it is beneficial to the spider to index the content of the website, but also have a certain role in improving the website keywords ranking. But when the anchor text construction do not spread, a number of articles have a target keyword points to the home page can be done, but there will be suspected of cheating. When the station anchor text should also pay attention to certain skills.

we all know that Shanghai is in love, it is a long time will not change the conclusion, whether love Shanghai reform how to update the user which is a constant theme. In the face of the user, the content will undoubtedly reveal the industry consensus. The content of a web site is the site for the survival of the foundation, the website keyword is reasonable, updated and so on will make the search engine to the trust, so as to improve the ranking, in which the original site is also a very important index, the article was reproduced due to other reasons, we of the original degrees tend to be lower. Then the article included speed is imperative. As for how to improve the collection of speed, I will talk about the specific.

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