From the website data analysis to find the optimization direction of Shanghai Dragon

second, seriously understand the connotation of different data reflected the. The number of IP is very intuitive, on behalf of the number of users of the site visit is usually better. While your bounce rate is mainly refers to the data immediately closed after users open your site, if a user through the search engine to find your site, immediately shut down, then the bounce rate is 100%, if on this basis also carried out other operations, such as opening the relevant page so the bounce rate is 0%, usually the bounce rate is as low as possible. While the user retention time is mainly refers to the user resides in a page on the time, usually stay longer.

third, through data analysis, optimization. This is the key step, but also on the website of the sublimation of the core data analysis. If you find the site jump out rate is relatively high, usually embodied in two aspects, one is the key to search web pages and the user has no correlation, the user opens immediately after closing. Another is that although has certain correlation, but the content is boring, and did not display the search results page is so good, cause the user to immediately shut down. So through the analysis of the bounce rate, it can guide the webmaster perfect website content, to meet the needs of users, so as to reduce the site bounce rate, this is the key to improve the conversion rate of traffic to the site.

optimization of the site on the road, many owners through a lot of detours, especially some stationmaster after experiencing hardships, realize the outbreak site ranking, ready to harvest flow and get profit, and found that although the website ranking up, but the website traffic and did not think so much, even if it is raised flow index website, but the traffic did not bring a good conversion rate, allowing many station sky a joy. This problem is one of the important reasons is that no serious analysis caused by site data.

analysis of IP data and the PV value is mainly to see the site weight, if the data change is very large, indicating the site ranking is not stable, in the construction of the chain and other fine.

first day, regularly record the data on the website. This is the first step of website data analysis, website data analysis because the premise is to have sufficient data for analysis, these data can be recorded by the EXCEL form, or through a simple data analysis software for processing, but the premise is to record the data. The main data are the main sites of PV and the bounce rate as well as the IP data and user in the pages of the residence time.

there is the user retention time analysis to guide the optimization of the content of the page, the key is to provide users love optimization content, and provide a chain of very rich, which are in the content of the chain also has certain relevance, guiding users to comprehensive understanding of the contents, meet the needs of users, so you can highlight the site within the chain optimization and quality optimization of the core content of the work.

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