Analysis of the search engine spider technology in Shanghai Dragon

The working principle of

is a search engine spider web spider, is through the link to find web pages. The search engine spiders are different according to the search engine name. The principle of it is composed of a starting link to grab web content, while also collecting links on the web page, and these links as the link address, grab it next to this cycle until it reaches a stop condition will stop. The stop condition is usually set by time or quantity as the basis, can be taken to limit the number of links to climb through the network spider. At the same time determines the spider on the site of the importance of the page search page information for objective factors. The Search Engine Spider Simulator in Webmaster tools it is this principle, quasi inaccurate I don’t know how. This work is based on the principle of the spider, the station will be increased not natural page keywords appear frequency, although the amount change of density, but the spider did not reach a certain qualitative change. This should be avoided in the process of search engine optimization.

search engine technology in network information capture, with the role of information technology becoming increasingly protruding, as Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel, although not necessary as ZAC for search engine optimization technique is very thorough, but the analysis to understand the search engine spiders to file processing method, and study the search and update strategy is. As the Shanghai dragon Er needs some business development. Any website content updates as long as the + chain can see the search engine to make corresponding to the analysis of the site, and then increase the page weight, understand the search engine technology, which is based on the principle of our substantive to search engine optimization, it is wise to Shanghai Long Fengming, and the content of the website is not updated every day in the the hair of the chain, spare time or learn related technology. The search engine core retrieval technology.



based search engine technology, a spider crawling to the site, usually go to retrieve a Robots.txt text file, the root directory is usually stored in the web site. It is specially used for special papers with a web spider for interaction. This is the Shanghai dragon Er always to screen web pages do not want to reason the search engines, it is an important tool for a website and search engine spider dialogue, but whether the spider will follow the webmaster for the implementation of the rules? Actually follow the spiders or to look at the spider out, high quality will follow the rules. On the contrary, do not follow. Also called sitmap.htm into a web page on the site, and use it as a file entrance website, this is the interactive method and web spider. For the interaction of Shanghai dragon means, we know they can be targeted to meet the site map search engine spiders preferences.

Search engine optimization

page Meta field is webmaster often used, this field is usually placed at the top of the document, many sites simply write a love allows Shanghai to catch.

two site interaction spider search engine

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