Group fresh six points known secret station

The content of the website the same

5. from the same site outside the chain. The stations do stand webmaster, they are in the hands of the available resources are the same, therefore, he is also the source of the chain is highly similar.

1. For the same site, not only is the procedure above the same, but the content is similar, it is difficult to have unique content, a lot of people are standing by the same procedure, the contents is seven or eight similar.

4. the same website template. Many webmaster to save time to build the station group, chose to use the same template or site to establish, but you do not know that such behavior is very easy to search engine judge.

In this paper, "I

3. the same website keywords. Stations are generally in some similar words, even the same words in the same words inside a large number of similar sites, it is easy to be identified.

so we do stand group must pay attention to avoid these. If you do not pay attention to will be in danger of continuous K station, I think the webmaster don’t want to have such a result. In addition to the establishment of the station group, we have to go through the above the to do the job, especially for the choice of the domain name, absolutely to buy the old domain name to do, it is best to have the basis of PR and chain. Because we build stations is to improve the site’s weight in a short time. So the old domain name to achieve our purpose to build the station group.

station group, a search engine optimization means popular, before a lot of people feel that stand in order to seize the home position, let your keywords have more website ranking on the home page. But afterwards stand for the development of resource group, its main role is to provide the resources of the host. The search engine on the stations have not found, usually will take the K station punishment, so how to avoid this happening, search engine is how to identify the station group

6. are highly connected. Many stations in order to use each other’s data, builders, let their hands of the stations are linked to each other, leading to the station inside the group between the highly connected, can easily be found in the search engine to the station caused by punishment.


Tour" original all A5 first, please keep the link to retain copyright 贵族宝贝woyoutuan贵族宝贝/guangzhou. Shanghai Longfeng exchange with QQ:115583829.

2. web host IP address the same. Makers of many stations in order to save costs, all love trial with a IP host, if a IP host of the same topic in existing sites, it is easy to identify the search engine.

search engine to identify stations to determine whether the station group is through the law, so we do stand group of skills is to look good do not rule, such as the following:

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