How to establish a keyword Thesaurus

Google expansion tool in mining, a term can be widely matching, accurate matching and phrase matching, can choose according to their own needs, but also can be extended for the industry to choose keywords, the keywords extended out, the degree of competition, can display the word global monthly search volume, monthly local search the amount of the field, you can according to their own resources and strength to select the appropriate keywords, but also can be sorted according to their own needs, such as correlation etc..

https://adwords. noble baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal

keyword database in website optimization, an article has been written in great detail, in some large and medium-sized websites will have a keyword thesaurus for Shanghai dragon guidance, so how to set up the Thesaurus? And in which aspect mining, below I from their work experience about the method to establish on the keyword thesaurus and should pay attention to what


in mining, Google keyword expansion tool, is a very good tool, but powerful, everyone in Google search inside the Google keyword tool can be found below, is a tool for the web site

1, the use of Keywords

we know, in China, most people are watching the love Shanghai face, website optimization, and most are in love Shanghai, love Shanghai keywords so mining is very important, how to dig out the relevant keywords from the huge database in Shanghai love? It is also very simple, registered a love Shanghai promotion account, this account is free of registration, the registration does not necessarily participate in PPC advertising, but this account is to dig the long tail keywords, the method is very simple, to log into, and then select the keyword recommendation, first enter a root, and then click on the recommendation, will dig out a lot of relevant keywords, the keywords can be derived. To keep up with EXCEL.

2, using Google

promotion account to love Shanghai mining

fly Darou tool is a very good keyword expansion tool, download after registration is not required, directly installed on your computer can be used, it is mainly to love Shanghai as the basic data from Shanghai love related search, and when you love Shanghai and fly Darou index combining after the search can be found in every word amount. In order to match the more accurate, in the extended time, can choose results should include keywords, keyword search this out, it will be more practical. Can also according to their own needs, set up a filter list, so some do not need.


3, using the extended

keyword tool Darou fly

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