Love Shanghai alliance innovation search style officially launched

has a page, the top and bottom of the embedded suspension suspension of three kinds of search box style, the user through a web search box to search in the search results page, click on the promotional content, the resulting revenue and website into the cash flow of products.

The source

search box

love Shanghai is as much as possible to improve the user’s search times, of course, these new features is a good deal for the webmaster, improve the method of advertising revenue more than a few. Especially the text prompt and word search, in order to enhance the user experience of the increased advertising revenue, killing two birds with one stone. But there are also many needs to consummate the function, such as the present text prompt and search box style can be customized to modify the style is not much, the contents cannot be modified in the display prompt is only blue, which may be misfits and website style, will affect the appearance; and suspended the search box is too big, and can not set the button style well, the following recommended keywords. Finally, when the love of Shanghai alliance has been on-line advertising to modify the size of ah, ah can be used.


page and word search

deployed on the site by clicking on the text page, the user to extract text keywords or select word, jump to the search results page and click on the business promotion content, resulting in income and website into cash flow products.

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some time ago fell in love with the sea line map + ad, also tested several other ads, such as content (link advertisement is directly in the content of intelligent matching keywords, click love even if Shanghai search advertising), and then test only in some large and medium-sized site, and not officially launched. 27, love Shanghai officially launched this feature, and the content of advertising and on-line and embedded search box and suspended the search box, as follows:


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