Outside the chain of high quality secret love Shanghai make the best use of resources

so, how to use these resources? Below, directional promotion will combine their experience of one or two.

, for example, create entry, do not rush to stay outside the chain, don’t breath will create a complete entry, this is not conducive to your integral growth, start-up entries will stay outside the chain is also easy to ignore. The method can be used, to create a complete entry, etc. through the audit, to supplement their entries, can add pictures, add links in the reference picture, also can be in many times after adding extended link up, this time through relatively easily. If you pass, they can go to Wikipedia complaints center complaints, this method in the edit entry and never outdated useful links.

mixed in stationmaster net time is too long, read a lot of related articles, but emphasize two points: content is king, the chain for the emperor, good content, do the chain, ranking as a front. The search engine to love the original, original, fixed time update, included natural will go up slowly. But the chain? Chain resources quality is very valuable, both quality and can bring you flow more valuable resources, these resources will come from where?


love Shanghai is the search engine leader, cater to it, it is love is the ultimate goal of every domestic Shanghai Longfeng workers, but how to make love Shanghai love you, and give you included, to your

is so near and yet so far, his love of Shanghai is a very good resource concentration. Make the best use of resources than you love Shanghai, registered a dozen blog, send one hundred BBS signature more useful. Love Shanghai, many of the products, which are used to Jianwai chain: love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love to know of Shanghai library, Shanghai experience, love love, love Shanghai, Shanghai map, Shanghai Post Bar space love love Shanghai collection. Utilize all of these things, is not only a high quality of the chain, or a high quality source of traffic point.

The use of

love the weight of high, you can randomly enter a brand name to try, such as Sina, even so high weight site, Sina Encyclopedia – love Shanghai is still ranked in the home page, other sites do not even have much to say. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love to you will very useful website promotion. But an audit is very strict, should be approved in the left of the chain at the same time, you may have to repeat a revised entry seven or eight times, I have had this kind of experience. Of course, if you know some tips, perhaps less take some detours.

2, Shanghai know love.


1, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

in addition, create entries can be diversified, not limited to your brand, you can create some brand related entries, in reference to implant links.

love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain is an open secret, but love Shanghai knows this, so with links to the question or answer simply don’t let too, that this road became almost.

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