Let the site for visitors to recover the original simplicity of true service

The search engine

if your station is not very attractive or value is extremely high, generally difficult to let visitors to take the initiative to publicize their site, for us ordinary webmaster friends is alone one person or a few people the power to create a high quality of the site is not easy, but we want visitors to take the initiative to disseminate and promote their site, so how to exercise.

2, can let visitors take the initiative to promote our site

no matter what industry is the site, the site as a fundamental operation of the road is to help visitors and visitors to better their own to show the value of the industry, a site only starting from this direction, so it is a pure site. An old saying: if a thing is only for their own profit and not to consider the interests of customers, then this thing won’t survive too long. Only one site to be able to help your visitors, or let visitors can get what he wants, so your site is a qualified site. Ask yourself how many webmaster can do this. Many of the site set up direction Zhishizhizhong on profit, ignoring our goal of what the real needs of visitors, get good rankings just by playing to search engine.


needle in the face of this phenomenon also is not doing nothing, we can see the love in Shanghai this year a series of action has given a clear reply to, not to the visitor experience as the center of the site, make the drop right or K stand of punishment. So in the coming days if we should treat my site? First, the main direction is to stand in the visitor’s point of view to analyze the problem, when our visitors come to our site, what does he want? Only solve the visitor’s needs, so our site can be a qualified site. How do we understand the visitors to the site needs

1, encourage visitors to leave contact

when we target visitors step into our site, if positive to you contact him, so we can say that your site is affirmed by the user, the user of your site is very interested in, so they will leave contact to let us to contact him. This part of the customer is very high and is often part of the value. But to leave contact way users are in the minority, how do we encourage visitors to leave their chances of contact for the site? I think we can first site with some target to attract customers, utility software or documents, when users download can be prompted to allow users to fill out a your contact information and opinions on the site of the form. Although this method looks very general, but often can be very good to encourage visitors to leave a message, because the download a soft text or document without money, just fill in a contact can easily download the information you want I think very few people will go to refuse.

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