Lu Guofu the importance of space space website optimization

this is to do what we can look at the site, if it’s a small site, 200M space is enough. "

we must first pay attention to space access speed, we can let the customer space provide us with a test account, then we can also invite friends to help test the website access speed, who believe are love to visit a web site, can immediately open the site, for those website loading speed the site is too slow, basically only one outcome, is directly closed.


three space price

we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends all know, the construction of a site is composed of three parts, domain name, space program. I am in the website optimization domain name article – how to choose the domain name introduces the importance of the domain name and the selection method of a good domain name, then Lu Guofu today to talk about the importance of space.

The size of the space

the price issue has been of concern to us, although you are good, but the price is not acceptable to everyone, so we in the selection of space, but also to buy reference, we can accept the purchase price of the new network space, million net space is more expensive, I am now with the western digital, feel good price. At this price can not be cheap, otherwise you will be sorry.

is now selling advertising space is really everywhere, forum, blog, e-mail, QQ group, microblogging is to sell advertising space, the price is uneven, the price is 10 yuan a month, there are few hundred a month, many new Adsense is the low price of the space in the early days of the site, saying the "price one" kind of cheap price to buy space is a big problem, or often not open, or a problem that sell space customer service has disappeared without a trace. On a railway station, the stability of the space should be in the first place, the space is not stable, imagine how we can make the search engine spiders love our site? Maybe just ready to search engine friendly website, space is a problem, it will cause the search engine to make our audit the site, so we early in the site must choose a good space, stable space, so that we in the later promotion work to sleep without any anxiety, if you really want to learn website promotion of words, do not choose those cheap space, even if the money to save it, I suggest you can bypass! Then we can judge the quality of space from the aspects of


space access speed

is what we have to look at the space support program, the program is very important, in the second section introduces the preparation procedure, the mainstream program now is PHP, so we want to support PHP program space in the space.

two space support program

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