Fast to solve problem three website snapshot

1, why the website snapshot of the phenomenon of

2, how to solve the website snapshot of


Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. Before I introduce the two on the site included a solution to the problem, interested friends can see these two articles "to quickly solve site problems included: a new fast included" website "to quickly solve problems included: two old station stop included" today, I went on this topic to speak. For the website included I found another phenomenon: the website snapshot will be updated, but included stopped. Do not know if you have not encountered this kind of phenomenon is very depressed people encountered this phenomenon, I have three stations before the emergence of such a situation, coping methods below the situation I tell of my own.

my website article is indeed the original is false, because the industry is relatively small, and everyone is very headache article update this one, so every time in the pseudo original article update, but every time is very hard, even if false original also false original feeling, so I think the quality is not the problem.

for the website is very carefully in the chain, but for a period of time I was off the chain this piece, haven’t the chain, remember at the beginning of a station outside the chain has done more than 6000, then slowly will be deleted many, now only more than 2000 of the poor. I want to be in the chain that has a lot of reasons, the chain is the main cause of suck.

on the website of the article, the quality of the construction of the chain and the overall ranking of the three aspects of a very detailed points >

A, the poor quality of

for this I find is, I recently Alexa website ranking fluctuated greatly, although many webmaster feel that see what, but at least is a barometer, website ranking is constantly changing. But the observation of love Shanghai natural ranking has been very good, recently has been the first home, the recent decline is the cause of the website snapshot of the phenomenon of


B, the chain suck


C, the overall ranking of website


some more than 4 months but less than a year old station of the station are most prone to the snapshot of the phenomenon, this is a small my personal experience, if we can not accurately correct, and if we can have a similar experience and I discuss. I think this phenomenon illustrates a fundamental question: website weight low or low weight page within the site said. I have on this phenomenon with this speculation: it is not because the search engine think this site has been recognized, but the internal page also recommended to the user is not worth now? With this question to me one of the website for the depth of the analysis, hoping to find some possible reasons:

?Before I ?Before I

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