A method of old webmaster chain steadily

website optimization is divided into optimization and website optimization in the two part, website optimization refers to the main web page relevance and structure optimization, optimization of the internal links related to the need of our website started to do a good job, we can control ourselves. However, external cooperation is the need to spend a lot of time to find the relevant partners, and now the website is cherish chain as gold for external cooperation is difficult, due to the impact of external links on the correlation, and weight included, led directly to the keywords ranking and search traffic is different, it is now generally accepted that external factors accounted for the link the Shanghai dragon 60%~70% proportion, far more than the importance of internal site optimization.

web site outside the chain is always a work demanding work, often tired webmaster heart gaunt, actually do the chain is a long-term direction, the spread of the Internet all the chain, I think it is very good, as long as the choice of several of the most commonly used to sit down, and the chain this steady increase will be on the site to search engine to make a good impression, this is a steady improvement in the old owners of the chain, and I hope to help you!

2, as a window of information website, website related news and activities. The B2B platform is survival of small and medium-sized enterprises, browse we released on training activities can attract executives, and transported to our website.

in the current form of publicity, resources cooperation between sites as an important method of website promotion, one of the most simple way of cooperation to exchange links. Other website content sharing, collaboration and exchange of resources, are recommended, although the form and method of operation is different, but the basic idea is the same, namely, in which they have certain marketing resources situation through cooperation to achieve the purpose of common development.

on the external cooperation strategy is to use the B2B website, the information platform registered as a corporate member, a similar form of open platform, the launch of the website:

related information about website external cooperation, including the exchange of friendship, exchange, advertising, advertising for information related activities. Because like the large B2B site and platform or the famous industry website, there are a large number of customers in the business activities, most from their website, they must also have on the external cooperation needs in this area, because our website is in PR and the flow is very good, and the specific requirements of the release of information cooperation will definitely have a large number of people came to us, this saves us time for the initiative.


3, on these platforms on the website related web pages on a special training to join the company’s website links to attract traffic. Many B2B itself has a lot of stable browsing crowd, and very much is the enterprise user, will release relevant topics to the B2B website is relatively low cost and good operation, regardless of the internal flow and in the search.

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