Add to the love behind Shanghai home the impact of the traditional site navigation

traditional site navigation advantage lies in the amount of users, and users of traditional web site navigation habits basically fixed; but the traditional disadvantage is unable to provide personalized, personalized service, this is a very fatal shortcoming, moreover is the traditional site navigation site resources are very limited, because the traditional site navigation the web site is not the love of the user.

love Shanghai users through the search can be, and then guide the user to add to the love to Shanghai home, if the user through the experience, the love of Shanghai recommended sites recommend to Shanghai love home, love the Shanghai home becomes the personalized homepage each user’s favorite.

will be affected?


See the love Shanghai recommended

first, we must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of traditional web site navigation;

through a few days experience love Shanghai personalized home page, indeed is very easy to use. In Shanghai love home, you can add your own love web site, add love Shanghai movie video series, popular fiction, music and games. You don’t think every day what time to update the novel, don’t think what series broadcast, not every day to each big website to find the game; everything is good to love Shanghai.

look at the love of Shanghai’s advantages and disadvantages, relative to many sites, the use of search users love Shanghai is undoubtedly very large, almost every day people will use love Shanghai. Then love Shanghai to build a product seems to be more easily than we thought, this is the love of Shanghai.

and I believe the near future, Shanghai will love home small applications offer a variety of form, individuation and humanization of the real home. Also believe that love Shanghai slightly increased publicity, many traditional site navigation users gradually transferred to the Shanghai home of love.

love Shanghai launched the "add to love Shanghai home, just the traditional site navigation fatal point: personalized, humane


2012 love Shanghai search seems to become more personalized and humanized, we love Shanghai analysis is another human behavior: "add to love Shanghai home". Now at this site navigation flood era, compared with many web site navigation is nothing more than good 1232345 site navigation, 360 security web site, 114, Sogou site navigation, Amoy URL and 265 site navigation, the majority of users several web site navigation. Today, Shanghai launched the "add to love love Shanghai home", these mainstream web site navigation will undoubtedly be greatly affected. Why

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